Porsche Design Tower

Finding a parking space near their front door will no longer be a worry for anyone lucky enough to live in the new multimillion pound, 57-storey condo planned for Miami.
Instead they can just pull into a designated space, turn off the engine and sit back and enjoy the oceanfront view as they are escalated in a glass elevator to the front door of their apartment.
The ‘Jetson-esque’ luxury tower will rise in Sunny Isles Beach as part of a $560million project between Germany’s Porsche Design Group and a local developer, Gil Dezer.
It is the world’s first condominium complex with elevators that will take residents directly to their units while they are sitting in their cars. 
‘You don’t have to leave your car until you are in front of your apartment,’ Juergen Gessler, CEO of Porsche Design Group, told the Miami Herald. 
After the resident pulls over and switches off the engine, a robotic arm that works like an automatic plank will scoop up the car and put it into the elevator.
Once at the desired floor, the same robotic arm will park the car, leaving the resident in front of their front door.
The glass elevators will give residents and their guests unparalleled views of the city or of the ocean during their high-speed ride, expected to last 45 to 90 second.
‘What this is really doing is taking two technologies that have existed for centuries and putting them together,’ said Gil Dezer, president of Dezer Properties. 
‘It’s taking the robotic arm and it’s putting it in an elevator.’
The building, named the ‘Porsche Design Tower’, was approved unanimously on Thursdayt by the Sunny Isles Beach City Commission.
Before the meeting, Mayor Norman Edelcup said there had been no objections to the plan.
The luxury building will be constructed on 2.2 acres of land on Collins Avenue.
It will have 132 units, with smaller units being allocated two parking spaces and the larger ones, four, and  284 robotic parking spaces in total accessible via three elevators.